Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY in the capacity of personal data controller, collects personal data from individual such data refer to. is a personal data controller established on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and shall process the personal data lawfully and in good faith for the purpose of its business – retails and wholesale trade, and shall not process them additionally in a way, which is incompatible with these objectives. shall process personal data for the specified purpose under condition that the natural person to whom the data refer has given its explicit consent and if the person to whom the data refer has not given its explicit consent, shall not be entitled to process its data. The personal data provided by the User shall not be made available to third persons for advertising and promotional purposes.

Any natural person shall be entitled to access his/her personal data by request in writing in order to get information for the purpose of processing and use, as well as shall have the right to request from at any time to delete, correct or block its personal data, the processing of which does not meet the requirements.


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