About us


ATN develops and manufactures high-end digital and thermal imaging optics. Designed for visual excellence, we’ve developed the widest range of optical devices for low light conditions. Our highly sought-after optics cater to hunters, law enforcement, and the military.

We are a self-reliant company, with our own authorized service center, warehouses, and regional offices around the world.

ATN Corp is a proud leader in the digital optics market. In fact, we’ve received prestigious quality awards from various industry associations because of our unrelenting dedication to building superior products.



ATN’s new 4K “True Color” Sensor produces exceptionally clear images at long ranges with increased color resolution and smooth gradations from darkness to light.

We redesigned our whole line of 4th Gen Optics to meet strict 600 lp/mm specifications and match our 4K sensor performance.

Smart HD Optics allows us to experience our shooting and hunting outings in a new way. Smart features. High-quality HD images. Ability to use for day and night applications. These are the attributes that define ATN Smart HD Optics.

ATN is proud to deliver the next generation of digital optics innovation to our customers. Ultra HD Optics gives you unparalleled image quality like you’ve never seen.


ATN’s new Dual Core Processor allows for faster response, higher FPS rate, better streaming, and a multitude of new image processing techniques.

ATN thermal imaging provides shooters and observers with superb image quality! You get a variety of color modes, 16+ hour battery life, plus an ability to capture images/record video at 60fps.

Get the best value in today’s thermal optics. Step into the future of thermal imaging performance with the Ultra-Sensitive Gen 4 Sensor!